How well can I get to know someone in 8 minutes?

  While it's obvious that 8 minutes is not sufficient time to get to know someone in any great depth, your goal should be to determine whether the person you are meeting is someone that you would like to follow up with and possibly see again. Meeting someone face-to-face has some real advantages over online dating. Sometimes sparks really do fly with instant chemistry! But at the very least,the unknown associated with the internet is a not an issue. Try concentrating on the questions you ask and the observations you make of each person you meet. This will be the most valuable way to making your assessment.  

Why is an ID required?

We want everyone to enjoy their dating experience and this includes meeting people in the age range that you signed up for.

*If you are not honest about your age you will not be able to participate in the  speed dating event you signed up for. No refunds will be given for dishonesty.    

What happens if I do not receive any matches?

 Face To Face emails everyone with or without matches, the results of the Speed Dating event you attended the next day.

 Anyone not receiving matches are welcome to attend another of our Speed Dating events for 1/2 price standard admission.  That means EVERY reason, regardless of whether it was because you choose no one; or no one choose you.  

If I need to cancel, can I get my money back?

When you sign up through Eventbrite the refund policy is stated as partial refunds will be given within 3 business days of the event that you can not attend.   No refund will be issued for same day or day before cancel.

Please email us with other questions